Funding for PE

After the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games the government was determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the Games. The government wanted to promote an enjoyment of sport and physical activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle in children from an early age. To support this, the Prime minister announced in March 2013 a cross-government programme providing significant additional funding for primary schools.

Every state funded school in the country with primary-aged pupils will receive additional funding from an overall allocation of £150m per year ring-fenced for sport and physical education in academic years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015.

A typical primary school of 250 pupils will receive £9,250. The money can only be spent on sport and PE so the government decided that schools would be best placed to decide how best to use the funding to meet their pupil’s needs.

Impact of Spending 2014-2015

  • Improvement in the quality of PE Teaching – PE specialist working alongside staff and pupils in gym dance and games.
  • Access to family events and level 2 competitions in our area with increased participation in Level 1 sporting activities within the school.
  • Giving children a diverse and enthusiastic experience due to a greater range of equipment with an ability to forge links with other schools.
  • To give pupils the opportunity to learn new skills in different area of sport.
  • To create independence learning with greater access to equipment during break and lunchtimes.
  • Increase in number of children participating in sporting activities in school and outside of school.
  • Greater access to celebrate children’s achievements.

Physical Education Grant 2015-2016

Total number of pupils on roll = 298
Total amount of PE grant anticipated = £9,231

Action Cost Benefit to school/pupils
Plymouth School Sports Partnership £3,500
  • Providing a specialist PE teacher to work alongside staff and students
  • Access to city wide sporting events
  • Access to family events and competitions in our area
To consolidate with
Swimming, including transport to the Life Centre.
  • For children to be able to swim 25m
  • For children to be able to stay safe whilst around water
  • To target children who are still unable to swim 25m in year 5 and 6.
Specialist Sports Coach £500
  • To target groups such as:
    • change for life groups
    • Aim for the top
Provision of Specialist Coaches for the Gifted and Talented £1,500
  • To target gifted and talented groups of children to compete at higher level in competition.
PE co-ordinator release time £840
  • To monitor and work alongside staff
  • Update the website and noticeboard
  • Share good practise with partnership schools
Resources £791
  • To update equipment
  • Boccia equipment
  • New Sports Day equipment
  • Update KS1 equipment
Transport to events £100
  • Mini bus hire to events further afield such as Brickfields

Impact of Spending 2015-2016

  • 1:1 CPD with staff has led to increased confidence in the delivery of activities targeted, this has also led to higher quality delivery of PE.
  • By using the criteria for the School Games Mark as a bench mark, we have been able to increase participation in events at Level 1 and 2. A broader range of children are able to access competitive sport through the PSSP.
  • Top Up sessions in Swimming will allow us to ensure that by the time they leave Primary school, all children will be competent to 25m.
  • Employing specialist coaches has allowed us to target inactive/disaffected children and set up a Change4Life club. Non-traditional sports have been used to provide positive experiences of sport which has led to an enthusiasm to compete at Level 2. Tailored competitions through our PEST and the PSSP have allowed these children to experience success in sport. Our ‘Aim for the Top’ club has been pivotal in providing enhanced sessions for our G&T children. These children are then selected for our ‘A’ teams at events and we have celebrated their success following various competitions such as Football and Cricket.
  • Allowing time out of class for the PE Coordinator has allowed us produce concise development/action plans and to meet the stringent criteria for the School Games Mark. We have been awarded the Gold standard for the second year running and is a testament to the increased profile that PE and sport has in the school. Time to enter and plan for competitions has led to a greater number of children taking part. Attending a broader range of events has meant that we can provide children with new experiences and have encouraged them to take part outside of school.
  • Giving children a diverse and enthusiastic experience due to a greater range of equipment with an ability to forge links with other schools. Purchasing Boccia equipment has provided a competitive experience for children who would normally shy away from situations like this.
  • Being able to pay for mini buses and other transport has allowed us to take part in a variety of additional sports and provide invaluable experiences for children such as Athletics at Brickfields. This also eradicates a barrier to participation and has been essential to the success of Swimming Top Up sessions.

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