Welcome to Thornbury Primary School.

Welcome to Thornbury Primary School. As a parent of a child new to the school, we hope you will see our partnership grow together over time. We are privileged to have your child in our care. We believe that in working together, we give your child the best possible foundation to help them grow into happy, confident, independent adults of the future.

We hope you will support your child with homework, ask them about their learning and that you will come to parents' consultations and other school events. We will keep in regular communication through newsletters and meetings in which we discuss your child's progress. We know that if a parent takes an active interest in their child's education, the child is likely to do better at school, therefore we value the part you will play in this process.

As we look to the future, we aim to develop your child as an effective learner, with skills to equip him or her for life:

We encourage our children to have self-confidence. We will endeavour to encourage and nurture your child's skills, and to work on their skills that are less strong. We hope you will support us in celebrating your child's achievements, and encouraging them to develop a wide range of skills.

We expect pupils and adults to show respect for others. Good manners and courtesy never go out of fashion, and consequently we trust you will support us in matters of conduct and discipline: we aim to demonstrate to children how to behave by being positive role models, and by fostering a secure climate of warmth and fairness.

We encourage children and adults to see themselves as lifelong learners. We do this by providing a rich and exciting curriculum, as well as paying particular attention to basic skills. We foster a 'have a go' attitude, where children can realise that trying and sometimes failing can be a valuable learning experience. We hope you will ask your child about what they are learning, and help them to celebrate success and overcome difficulties.

We aim to prepare children for the real world, whilst at the same time protecting their right to the very special time of childhood. We do this by linking the curriculum to real life wherever possible, making learning enjoyable, and by fostering a sense of responsibility for the self, others, our school, and the wider world. We work closely with other education providers in the area, and are able to draw on specialist help if required. We provide every opportunity for children to develop creativity, an enquiring mind, and the ability to solve problems. Your family provides us with an important link to the community, and we would be happy to hear if you have any special interests and talents that would benefit our pupils.

We do hope that if you have a concern, question or suggestion you will come and speak to us. If you have an urgent concern in the morning, please ask at the office to speak to myself or one of the School Leadership Team. Alternatively, teachers can often have a chat with you after school, or will try to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time.

Our staff work as a team to provide an all-round education, in which your child is highly valued. We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with you as you join our school family.

Yours sincerely,